ABC News (Australia)

For the 24 hour Australian news channel, see ABC News 24.
ABC News
Division of: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Founded: 1956
Headquarters: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Area served: Australia/New Zealand
Broadcast programs: ABC News Breakfast
Weekend Breakfast
ABC News Mornings
ABC News at Noon
ABC News Afternoons
ABC News — Early Edition
Four Corners
Behind the News
One Plus One
The Business
The Drum
The Quarters
The World
State to State
Capital Hill
Parent: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC News is a national news service in Australia produced by the News and Current Affairs division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The division is responsible for all news-gathering and production of news output for ABC television, radio and online services. Although the ABC is owned and funded by the Australian Government, the editorial independence of the ABC is ensured through the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act (Cwlth) 1983.[1]

The flagship radio news programs, AM, The World Today and PM are broadcast over various ABC radio outlets. The division also produces ABC NewsRadio, Australia's only 24-hour continuous news radio channel, as well as producing hourly radio news bulletins and programmes on ABC Local Radio, ABC Radio National, ABC Classic FM and Triple J, and Australia's only free-to-air 24 hour news channel, ABC News 24.

ABC Television News

ABC television news bulletins are broadcast throughout the day — including the flagship nightly 7pm state-based bulletins. Bulletins focus strongly on issues of state relevance, with a greater inclusion of national and international news items than are found in the news bulletins of commercial broadcasters.

National bulletins

ABC News Breakfast

ABC News Breakfast is broadcast weekdays from 6am - 9am on ABC and ABC News 24 from ABC's Melbourne studios and is presented by Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland, with sports presenter Paul Kennedy and weather presenter Vanessa O'Hanlon. The programme is also shown online and on Australia Plus in the Asia Pacific region.

Weekend Breakfast

Weekend Breakfast is broadcast weekends from 7am - 11:00am on ABC and ABC News 24 from ABC's main national news studios in Sydney at Ultimo and is presented by Andrew Geoghegan and Miriam Corowa.

ABC News Mornings

ABC News Mornings is presented by Joe O'Brien from the ABC's main national news studios in Sydney at Ultimo, and airs weekdays at 9am on ABC and on ABC News 24. Sport is presented by Paul Kennedy and weather is presented by Vanessa O'Hanlon.

ABC News at Noon

ABC News at Noon is presented by Ros Childs (Monday — Thursday) and Jeremy Fernandez (Friday) from the ABC's main national news studios in the Sydney suburb of Ultimo, and airs on ABC (formerly ABC1) in each Australian state and territories at midday in the local time zone and on ABC News 24 at midday Australian Eastern Stan/Daylight Time. A separate edition of the bulletin is produced for Western Australia two to three hours after the original broadcast, as the time delay was deemed too long to remain up-to-date. Both versions air on ABC News 24. Business is presented by Alicia Barry and weather is presented by Vanessa O'Hanlon.

The bulletin was launched in February 2005 to replace the less successful Midday News and Business, preceded in turn by the long-running World at Noon. The Midday Report features a daily financial report presented by a rotating team of reporters including Sue Lannin, Alicia Barry, Nicole Chettle, Di Bain, Simon Palan, Rebecca Hyam, Michael Janda and Lexi Metherell.

Brigid Glanville, Nicole Chettle, Deborah Rice and Tracy Kirkland are the main fill-in news presenters for the bulletin

ABC News Early Edition

ABC News Early Edition is presented by James McHale from ABC's Perth studios and airs weekdays at 5pm on ABC in each Australian state and territory. Weather is presented by Graham Creed.


7.30 is presented by Leigh Sales (Monday — Thursday) and Matt Wordsworth (Friday) from the ABC's main national news studios in Ultimo, Sydney on ABC at 7.30pm, weeknights. However, when a big state political event happens, the national program can be pre-empted by the local edition.


Lateline is presented by Tony Jones (Wednesday & Thursday) and Emma Alberici (Monday, Tuesday & Friday) from the ABC's main national news studios at Ultimo, Sydney, and airs weeknights at 10:30 pm on ABC. The program has developed a reputation for head-to-head debates on current issues and political interviews.

News Updates

National news updates are presented on ABC throughout the day with evening updates presented live in most states by the respective state news presenters. The ABC's Brisbane studios produces the 8.30pm weeknight update and it is presented by Karina Carvalho.

National updates are also available on demand via ABC News Online.

ABC News 24 bulletins

The news bulletins such as ABC News Mornings, ABC News Afternoons, The World, The World This Week, Weekend Breakfast and Grandstand.

State bulletins

ABC News' flagship 7pm bulletin is produced and presented every night from the capital city of each state & territory and features a national financial bulletin presented on weeknights by Alan Kohler in Melbourne.

Australian Capital Territory

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ABC News Canberra is presented from the ABC's Dickson studios by Dan Bourchier on weeknights and Craig Allen on weekends with sports presenter Chris Kimball.

New South Wales

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Richard Morecroft introducing an ABC news report on Lindy Chamberlain in 1986.

ABC News New South Wales is presented from the ABC's Ultimo studios by Juanita Phillips (Sunday — Thursday) and Jeremy Fernandez (Friday & Saturday). Weather forecasts are presented by Graham Creed. The regular fill-in presenter for the 7pm bulletin is Nicole Chettle.

The Sydney bulletin was first presented in 1956 by veteran newsreader James Dibble until June 1983 when he was replaced by Richard Morecroft - who remained as presenter for the next two decades.[2]

Northern Territory

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ABC News Northern Territory is presented from ABC Northern's Darwin studios by Eleni Roussos from Sunday to Thursday and Nadia Daly on Friday and Saturday.


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ABC News Queensland is presented from the ABC's Queensland headquarters on Brisbane's South Bank by Karina Carvalho on weeknights and Jessica van Vonderen on weekends. Weather forecasts are presented by Jenny Woodward.

South Australia

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ABC News South Australia is presented from the ABC's Collinswood studios by Jessica Harmsen on weeknights and Emma Rebellato on weekends. Weekend bulletins feature local sport bulletins presented by Neil Cross.


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ABC News Tasmania is presented from the ABC's Hobart studios by Peter Gee on weeknights and Angela Ross on weekends. Weather forecasts are presented by Simon McCulloch.


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ABC News Victoria is presented from ABC Victoria's Southbank studios by Ian Henderson from Monday to Thursday and Tamara Oudyn from Friday to Sunday. Weather forecasts are presented by Paul Higgins.

Western Australia

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ABC News Western Australia is presented from ABC WA's East Perth studios by James McHale on weeknights and Pamela Medlen on weekends. Clint Thomas and Trevor Jenkins present sport on weeknights and weekends respectively. Rebecca Dollery presents weeknight weather forecasts.

Broadcast presentation history


The news theme used from 1956 to 1985 was "Majestic Fanfare", composed by Charles Williams. From 1956 until the early 1980s the version used was the abridged version performed by the Queen's Hall Light Orchestra, from a recording made in 1943. Each bulletin opened with a clip from the top story of the day, with the title "ABC News" superimposed over the footage. Later, this onscreen approach was replaced by a generic graphic title sequence. In 1982, to celebrate the ABC's 50th anniversary, a new version of the theme was commissioned, which incorporated both orchestral and new electronic elements. With the exception of a period in the mid-1980s, during which a synthesised theme arranged by Sydney musician Tony Ansell was used for 12 months or so, this was used on radio until August 1988, and on television until early 1985. A reworking (up one tone)of "Majestic Fanfare" (essentially the original orchestration up one tone) was arranged by Richard Mills and recorded in 1988 by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

The 1988 orchestration is still used exclusively for ABC's radio news bulletins across all stations, except Triple J, which uses a 1991 remix of the original "Majestic Fanfare", and NewsRadio, which has always used specially-composed themes since its inception. The original theme package was written by Peter Wall and Tony Ansell.


The ABC refreshed its structure and look in 1985 when the 7 o'clock news and the following current affairs programme (at that time, Nationwide) were combined to form ABC National (usually known as "The National"). The news theme used was "Best Endeavours", written by Alan Hawkshaw. This piece of music was at that time, and is still, the theme for Channel 4 News in the UK.


After The National was deemed unsuccessful, that same year the news was refreshed again with a new set, graphics, and theme, composed by Tony Ansell & Peter Wall. This theme was used for almost 15 years, even after the refresh in 1998. In 2010, it was sampled and remixed by the group Pendulum and this revised work went on to be placed #11 on the Triple J Hottest 100 chart on Australia Day 2011.


In 1998, the set was updated, a new opener featuring a light blue globe and the ABC logo was introduced, and the theme remained the same but was tweaked. The graphics also changed to match the new look.


The theme for ABC News changed on Australia Day (26 January) 2005, and was written by Martin Armiger and John Gray and for a couple of years bore a resemblance to the original Peter Wall / Tony Ansell work in the opening signature notes. Wall challenged the ABC and was successful in reaching an agreement. The opening notes were removed and the work was re-arranged in 2010. The new look made use of an orange and blue globe motif. At the same time the set and graphics received a major overhaul to fit in with this look. This package was used until 21 July 2010, a day before the launch of ABC News 24.


With the launch of ABC News 24 on 22 July, all 7pm bulletins across Australia had a graphics overhaul to match the look of ABC News 24. The opener replaces the blue/orange globe style with a series of sliding panels, featuring images specific to each state. The theme from the 2005-2010 era was remixed by Martin Armiger, its composer, giving it a more upbeat, synthesised feel. New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT have new sets, built to match the ABC News 24 set. The graphics have changed to match the "sliding panels" look and are more akin to the feel of ABC News 24 in 2010.

ABC News 24

Main article: ABC News 24

In January 2010, the ABC announced that a dedicated 24-hour digital television news channel, named ABC News 24 would be launched during the year.[3]

The new channel commenced preliminary broadcasting with a promo loop in early July 2010, with the ABC re-numbering ABC HD channel 20 to logical channel number 24.

The ABC News 24 channel was officially launched at 7.30PM Australian Eastern Standard Time on 22 July 2010 and simulcast its first hour of transmission on ABC1.[4] The news channel utilises the ABC's existing resources including more than 1000 journalists in 60 newsrooms across Australia along with 12 foreign bureaux.

ABC Radio

Current affairs

ABC News produces three current affairs programs for radio - AM, Correspondents Report, The World Today, and PM. All share a quasi magazine format, and investigate stories in greater depth compared to news bulletins. AM in particular is influential in reflecting and setting the agenda of federal politics in Canberra.

State bulletins

State bulletins are produced by the ABC Local Radio station from the capital city of each state and mainland territory. They are broadcast to all ABC Local Radio and ABC Radio National stations in each state, and focus strongly on issues of state relevance, but also feature national and international stories. National bulletins air when state bulletins are not produced.

ABC Local Radio stations broadcast a flagship 15 minute state bulletin at 7:45am, the only bulletin still introduced by the 18 second version of Majestic Fanfare. All other bulletins are introduced by a 9-second version of Majestic Fanfare. ABC Radio National stations do not broadcast the 7:45am bulletin, instead broadcasting an ordinary 8:00am state bulletin, and continue to broadcast bulletins every hour when Local Radio stations broadcast bulletins every 30 minutes in the early morning.

National bulletins

ABC Classic FM and non local streams of ABC Radio National broadcast national bulletins every hour, 24 hours a day.

National youth radio station Triple J broadcasts its own bulletins between 6:00am and 6:00pm on weekdays, and between 7:00am and 12:00pm on weekends.

ABC Radio Australia News

Regular bulletins are produced and broadcast for Radio Australia in the Asia Pacific region. Bulletins are produced in Melbourne, and feature reports from foreign correspondents in the region.

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