Location in Nigeria

Coordinates: 6°20′N 8°06′E / 6.333°N 8.100°E / 6.333; 8.100
Country Nigeria
State Ebonyi State
Population (2006)[1]
  Total 151,723
Climate Aw

Abakaliki is the capital city of the present-day Ebonyi State in southeastern Nigeria, located 64 kilometres (40 mi) southeast of Enugu.[2] The inhabitants are primarily members of the Igbo nation.[1] It was the headquarters of the Ogoja province before the creation of the Southeastern State in 1967.


The name Abakaliki Which originally means Aba Nkaleke is a name of a community in Izzi land (Nkaleke).


Abakaliki, as in the past, is a center of agricultural trade including such products as yams, cassava, rice, and both palm oil and palm kernels,[1] as well as kola nuts.[2] It is also known for its local lead, zinc, salt, and limestone mining or quarrying.[1][2] They host many golf course and hotels. The huge incentives and tax holiday offered by Ebonyi state government to all major private investors have brought about a marked increase in new businesses in Abakaliki city. The government promotes both poultry and egg production.[1]


Abakaliki was an important center for the slave trade in the 17th century.[3] The slave trade continued in the area with Aro raids into Abakaliki and surrounding areas through the 18th century.[4]

Old Abakaliki, ca.1910


Its 2006 population was 79,280.[1]


Abakaliki is generally populated by the Igbo people. The Igbo can be further divided into 5 subgroup. Abakaliki is predominantly populated by the Northeastern Igbo of the Afikpo-Abakaliki axis.[5]


Abakaliki lies at the intersection of the Enugu, Afikpo and Ogoja Roads.[1] Abakaliki also hosts a Federal hospital, which has largely contributed to the affordability of public healthcare delivery in the city and the state.


Ebonyi State University main campus is located within the outskirts of the city


On March 1, 1973, the city was made the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Abakaliki.



Coordinates: 6°20′N 8°06′E / 6.333°N 8.100°E / 6.333; 8.100

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