Dods (Group) PLC

Dods (Group) PLC
Public Limited Company
Industry B2B
Founded 1832
Headquarters 21 Dartmouth St, London, United Kingdom
Area served
United Kingdom
European Union Germany France
Key people
Martin Beck (CEO)[[1]
Cheryl Jones(Chairman)[1]
Services Data
Revenue Increase UK£ 19.7 million (2014)[2]
Number of employees

Dods (Group) PLC (ticker: DODS), formerly Huveaux PLC, is organised into the provision of information, events and publishing. Dods provide their customers, partners and the public with the skills, intelligence and platforms needed to engage effectively across the spheres of politics, public sector administration and public affairs throughout the United Kingdom and European Union.[3]

Dods is a public limited company registered in England No. 04267888.[3][4] Its ordinary shares are listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).[3][5]

Company structure


The company's 2013 annual report states the following companies are subsidiaries: Vacher Dod Publishing Limited, Training Journal Limited, Fenman Limited, Dods Parliamentary Communications Limited, Monitoring Services Limited, Political Wizard Limited, Le Trombinoscope SAS, Total Politics Limited, and Holyrood Communications Limited.[6]

Publications produced by subsidiaries of Dods (Group) PLC include Civil Service World, Holyrood, House Magazine, Public Affairs News, The Parliament Magazine, Total Politics, Training Journal, and Trombinoscope.[7]

On Dods (Group) PLC's board of directors is Chairman Cheryl Jones, Lord Adonis, Martin Beck, and Sir William Wells.[1]

Name change

On 16 June 2010, directors of the company announced that the company's name had been changed from Huveaux PLC to Dods (Group) PLC.[8]

Products and services


Dods has been collecting data since 1832 with the publication of the first Dods Parliamentary Companion.[9]

Current Products Include:


Dods' services provide intelligence on the activities of Parliament, the EU, the Civil Service, devolved bodies, the wider public sector as well as hundreds of stakeholder and campaigning organisations.[10]

Current Products Include:


Dods publish Civil Service World and the House Magazine, which cover issues of interest to civil servants and parliamentarians respectively, as well as Parliament Magazine which analyses developments at the European Union level. PoliticsHome is the real-time news service for UK-based public affairs professionals and politicians.[11]

Current Products Include:


Dods’ events include policy conferences, award ceremonies and bespoke strategic platforms.[12]

Divisions Include:


Learning and development programmes on governance, Parliament, policy-making, communications and personal development.[13]

Services Include:

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