Electronics industry in Bangladesh

Electronics industry in Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing industries in the country with great potential. Popular Bangladeshi electronics brands include Walton, Marcel, Vicon, My One, LK, Swan etc.[1][2][3][4][5]


The use of electronics in Bangladesh started in the 1930s through the field of communication with the establishment of radio stations, telephone exchanges and wireless communication. During World War II, to satisfy military needs, the technology of wireless communication was enhanced and the latest technology was introduced in British Raj.

In 1950, consumer electronics industry made an inception in the private sector and a few assembly plants were set up to produce a limited number of radio sets. In the 1960s more assembly plants were established. In 1964, with the establishment of the first television station in Dhaka, some of these plants started assembling television sets. A digital telephone system was introduced in 1983 and mobile phones came in 1992. Before 1980, most of the domestic appliances and equipments were imported, except the one-band radio, but after 1980 many assembly plants for radio, television, audio and video cassette recorders and players were established.

Since 1990, advanced products like computers, cordless telephones, satellite TV signal receiving equipment etc. started to be assembled and some spare parts also began to be manufactured. By this time, a number of multinational companies have set up assembly and manufacturing plants in the country. Local companies in joint collaboration with foreign companies have established assembly and manufacturing plants. At present the total number of such companies is more than sixty. Since 1994, after Bangladesh's integration into the free market agreement, all kinds of commodities including electronic products began to be imported freely, which created a competitive environment. By the 2000s, few local companies began to export locally manufactured electronic home appliances abroad.[6][7][8][9]


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