List of Parliamentary constituencies in Bangladesh

This is a list of 300 parliamentary constituencies currently represented in the Jatiyo Shangshad, the unicameral national legislature of Bangladesh. Each constituency is represented by a single Member of Parliament. The Jatiyo Shangshad of Bangladesh consists of 350 seats, of which 50 seats are reserved for women, who are elected by the 300 directly elected members on the basis of procedure of proportional representation in the Parliament through single transferable vote.[1]

The Bangladesh Election Commission is made resposnsible to "delimit the constituencies for the purpose of elections to Parliament" by the Constitution of Bangladesh (chapter VII, article 119). It also says, "There shall be one electoral roll for each constituency for the purposes of elections to Parliament, and no special electoral roll shall be prepared so as to classify electors according to religion, race caste or sex" (article 121).[2]

The current list, published by the Bangladesh Election Commission in 2013 as per the provisions of the Delimitation of Constituencies Ordinance, 1976 is as follows:[3]

Rangpur Division

Constituency #NameExtent
1 Panchagarh-1 Panchagarh Sadar Upazila, Tetulia Upazila and Atwari Upazila
2 Panchagarh-2 Debiganj Upazila, Boda Upazila
3 Thakurgaon-1
4 Thakurgaon-2
5 Thakurgaon-3
6 Dinajpur-1 Birganj Upazila, Kaharol Upazila
7 Dinajpur-2
8 Dinajpur-3
9 Dinajpur-4
10 Dinajpur-5
11 Dinajpur-6 Nawab gonj Upazila, Biram pur Upazila Hakimpur Upazila and ghoragat Upazila
12 Nilphamari-1
13 Nilphamari-2
14 Nilphamari-2
15 Nilphamari-4
16 Lalmonirhat-1
17 Lalmonirhat-2
18 Lalmonirhat-3
19 Rangpur-1 Gangachhara Upazila
20 Rangpur-2
21 Rangpur-3 Rangpur Sadar Upazila
22 Rangpur-4
23 Rangpur-5
24 Rangpur-6
25 Kurigram-1 Bhurungamari Upazila and Nageshwari Upazila
26 Kurigram-2 Kurigram Sadar Upazila, Rajarhat Upazila, and Phulbari Upazila, Kurigram
27 Kurigram-3 part of Ulipur Upazila and part of Chilmari Upazila
28 Kurigram-4 Raomari Upazila, Char Rajibpur Upazila, part of Chilmari Upazila, and part of Ulipur Upazila
29 Gaibandha-1 Sundarganj Upazila
30 Gaibandha-2 Gaibandha Sadar Upazila
31 Gaibandha-3 Palashbari Upazila and Sadullapur Upazila
32 Gaibandha-4 Gobindaganj Upazila
33 Gaibandha-5 Sughatta Upazila and Phulchhari Upazila

Rajshahi Division

Constituency #NameExtent
34 Joypurhat-1 Joypurhat Sadar Upazila and Panchbibi Upazila
35 Joypurhat-2 Akkelpur Upazila, Kalai Upazila and Khetlal Upazila
36 Bogra-1 Sariakandi Upazila and Sonatala Upazila
37 Bogra-2 Shibganj Upazila
38 Bogra-3 Adamdighi Upazila and Dhupchanchia Upazila
39 Bogra-4 Kahaloo Upazila and Nandigram Upazila
40 Bogra-5 Sherpur Upazila
41 Bogra-6 Bogra Sadar Upazila
42 Bogra-7 Gabtali Upazila and Shajahanpur Upazila
43 Chapai Nawabganj-1 Shibganj Upazila
44 Chapai Nawabganj-2 Bholahat Upazila, Gomastapur Upazila and Nachole Upazila
45 Chapai Nawabganj-3 Nawabganj Sadar Upazila
46 Naogaon-1
47 Naogaon-2
48 Naogaon-3
49 Naogaon-4
50 Naogaon-5
51 Naogaon-6
52 Rajshahi-1
53 Rajshahi-2
54 Rajshahi-3
55 Rajshahi-4
56 Rajshahi-5
57 Rajshahi-6
58 Natore-1 Lalpur and Bagatipara Upazilla
59 Natore-2
60 Natore-3
61 Natore-4
62 Sirajganj-1
63 Sirajganj-2
64 Sirajganj-3
65 Sirajganj-4
66 Sirajganj-5
67 Sirajganj-6
68 Pabna-1
69 Pabna-2
70 Pabna-3
71 Pabna-4
72 Pabna-5

Khulna Division

Constituency #NameExtent
73 Meherpur-1 Meherpur Sadar Upazila and Mujibnagar Upazila
74 Meherpur-2 Gangni Upazila
75 Kushtia-1
76 Kushtia-2 Mirpur Upazila and Bheramara Upazila
77 Kushtia-3
78 Kushtia-4
79 Chuadanga-1 Alamdanga Upazila, and part of Chuadanga Sadar Upazila
80 Chuadanga-2 Chuadanga Sadar Upazila, Damurhuda Upazila, and Jibannagar Upazila
81 Jhenaidah-1
82 Jhenaidah-2
83 Jhenaidah-3 Maheshpur Upazila, and Kotchandpur Upazila
84 Jhenaidah-4
85 Jessore-1 Sharsha Upazila
86 Jessore-2 Chaugachha Upazila, and Jhikargachha Upazila
87 Jessore-3 Jessore Sadar Upazila
88 Jessore-4 Bagherpara Upazila, Abhaynagar Upazila, Jessore Sadar Upazila
89 Jessore-5 Manirampur Upazila
90 Jessore-6 Keshabpur Upazila
91 Magura-1
92 Magura-2
93 Narail-1 Kalia Upazila and part of Narail Sadar Upazila
94 Narail-2 Lohagara Upazila and part of Narail Sadar Upazila
95 Bagerhat-1 Chitalmari Upazila, Fakirhat Upazila, and Mollahat Upazila
96 Bagerhat-2 Bagerhat Sadar Upazila, and Kachua Upazila
97 Bagerhat-3 Mongla Upazila and Rampal Upazila
98 Bagerhat-4 Morrelganj Upazila and Sarankhola Upazila
99 Khulna-1 Dacope Upazila and Batiaghata Upazila
100 Khulna-2 Khulna Kotwali Thana and Sonadanga Thana
101 Khulna-3 Khalishpur Thana and Khan Jahan Ali Thana
102 Khulna-4 Rupsha Upazila, Dighalia Upazila and Terokhada Upazila
103 Khulna-5 Dumuria Upazila and Phultala Upazila
104 Khulna-6 Koyra Upazila and paikgachha Upazila
105 Satkhira-1 Kalaroa Upazila and Tala Upazila
106 Satkhira-2 Satkhira Sadar Upazila
107 Satkhira-3
108 Satkhira-4

Barisal Division

Constituency #NameExtent
109 Barguna-1 Barguna Sadar Upazila and Amtali Upazila
110 Barguna-2 Bamna Upazila, Patharghata Upazila and Betagi Upazila
111 Patuakhali-1 Patuakhali Sadar Upazila, Mirzaganj Upazila, and Dumki Upazila
112 Patuakhali-2 Bauphal Upazila
113 Patuakhali-3 Dashmina Upazila, Galachipa Upazila
114 Patuakhali-4 Kalapara Upazila, Rangabali Upazila
115 Bhola-1 Bhola Sadar Upazila
116 Bhola-2 Burhanuddin Upazila and Daulatkhan Upazila
117 Bhola-3 Lalmohan Upazila and Tazumuddin Upazila
118 Bhola-4 Char Fasson Upazila and Manpura Upazila
119 Barisal-1 Agailjhara Upazila and Gaurnadi Upazila
120 Barisal-2 Banaripara Upazila and Wazirpur Upazila
121 Barisal-3 Babuganj Upazila and Muladi Upazila
122 Barisal-4 Hizla Upazila and Mehendiganj Upazila
123 Barisal-5 Barisal Sadar Upazila
124 Barisal-6 Bakerganj Upazila
125 Jhalokati-1 Rajapur Upazila and Kathalia Upazila
126 Jhalokati-2 Jhalokati Sadar Upazila and Nalchity Upazila
127 Pirojpur-1 Pirojpur Sadar Upazila, Nazirpur Upazila and Nesarabad (Swarupkati) Upazila
128 Pirojpur-2 Bhandaria Upazila, Kawkhali Upazila, Pirojpur, Zianagar Upazila
129 Pirojpur-3 Mathbaria Upazila

Dhaka Division

Constituency #NameExtent
130 Tangail-1
131 Tangail-2
132 Tangail-3
133 Tangail-4
134 Tangail-5
135 Tangail-6
136 Tangail-7
137 Tangail-8
138 Jamalpur-1 Baksiganj Upazila and Dewanganj Upazila
139 Jamalpur-2 Islampur Upazila
140 Jamalpur-3 Madarganj Upazila and Melandaha Upazila
141 Jamalpur-4 Sarishabari Upazila and part of Jamalpur Sadar Upazila
142 Jamalpur-5 part of Jamalpur Sadar Upazila
143 Sherpur-1 Sherpur Sadar Upazila
144 Sherpur-2 Nakla Upazila and Nalitabari Upazila
145 Sherpur-3 Sreebardi Upazila and Jhenaigati Upazila
146 Mymensingh-1 Haluaghat Upazila and Dhobaura Upazila
147 Mymensingh-2 Phulpur Upazila and Tarakanda Upazila
148 Mymensingh-3 Gauripur Upazila
149 Mymensingh-4 Mymensingh Sadar Upazila
150 Mymensingh-5 Muktagachha Upazila
151 Mymensingh-6 Fulbaria Upazila
152 Mymensingh-7 Trishal Upazila
153 Mymensingh-8 Ishwarganj Upazila
154 Mymensingh-9 Nandail Upazila
155 Mymensingh-10 Gaffargaon Upazila
156 Mymensingh-11 Bhaluka Upazila
157 Netrokona-1 Kalmakanda Upazila and Durgapur Upazila, Netrokona
158 Netrokona-2 Netrokona Sadar Upazila and Barhatta Upazila
159 Netrokona-3
160 Netrokona-4
161 Netrokona-5 Purbadhala Upazila
162 Kishoreganj-1
163 Kishoreganj-2
164 Kishoreganj-3
165 Kishoreganj-4
166 Kishoreganj-5
167 Kishoreganj-6
168 Manikganj-1
169 Manikganj-2
170 Manikganj-3
171 Munshiganj-1
172 Munshiganj-2
173 Munshiganj-3
174 Dhaka-1
175 Dhaka-2
176 Dhaka-3
177 Dhaka-4
178 Dhaka-5
179 Dhaka-6
180 Dhaka-7
181 Dhaka-8
182 Dhaka-9
183 Dhaka-10
184 Dhaka-11
185 Dhaka-12
186 Dhaka-13
187 Dhaka-14 Dhaka wards 7,8,9,10,11,12, and part of Savar Upazila
188 Dhaka-15
189 Dhaka-16
190 Dhaka-17
191 Dhaka-18
192 Dhaka-19 part of Savar Upazila
193 Dhaka-20
194 Gazipur-1
195 Gazipur-2 part of Gazipur city
196 Gazipur-3 Sreepur Upazila, Gazipur and part of Gazipur Sadar Upazila
197 Gazipur-4
198 Gazipur-5
199 Narsingdi-1 part of Narsingdi Sadar Upazila
200 Narsingdi-2 Palash Upazila and part of Narsingdi Sadar Upazila
201 Narsingdi-3 Shibpur Upazila
202 Narsingdi-4 Monohardi Upazila and Belabo Upazila
203 Narsingdi-5 Raipura Upazila
204 Narayanganj-1
205 Narayanganj-2 Araihazar Upazila
206 Narayanganj-3 Sonargaon Upazila
207 Narayanganj-4 Fatullah Thana and Siddhirganj Thana
208 Narayanganj-5
209 Rajbari-1
210 Rajbari-2
211 Faridpur-1
212 Faridpur-2
213 Faridpur-3
214 Faridpur-4
215 Gopalganj-1
216 Gopalganj-2
217 Gopalganj-3
218 Madaripur-1
219 Madaripur-2
220 Madaripur-3
221 Shariatpur-1 Shariatpur Sadar Upazila and Zajira Upazila
222 Shariatpur-2 Naria Upazila and Shakhipur Thana
223 Shariatpur-3 Gosairhat Upazila, Damudya Upazila, Bhedarganj Thana

Sylhet Division

Constituency #NameExtent
224 Sunamganj-1 Dharampasha Upazila, Tahirpur Upazila and Jamalganj Upazila
225 Sunamganj-2 Derai Upazila and Sullah Upazila
226 Sunamganj-3 Jagannathpur Upazila and Dakshin Surman Upazila
227 Sunamganj-4
228 Sunamganj-5
229 Sylhet-1 Sylhet Sadar Upazila and Sylhet City
230 Sylhet-2 Bishwanath Upazila and Balaganj Upazila
231 Sylhet-3 Dakshin Surma Upazila and Fenchuganj Upazila
232 Sylhet-4 Gowainghat Upazila, Jaintiapur Upazila and Companiganj Upazila
233 Sylhet-5 Kanaighat Upazila and Zakiganj Upazila
234 Sylhet-6 Beanibazar Upazila and Golapganj Upazila
235 Maulvibazar-1 Barlekha Upazila and Juri Upazila
236 Maulvibazar-2
237 Maulvibazar-3 Maulvibazar Sadar Upazila and Rajnagar Upazila
238 Maulvibazar-4
239 Habiganj-1 Nabiganj Upazila and Bahubal Upazila
240 Habiganj-2 Ajmiriganj Upazila and Baniyachong Upazila
241 Habiganj-3 Habiganj Sadar Upazila and Lakhai Upazila
242 Habiganj-4 Chunarughat Upazila and Madhabpur Upazila

Chittagong Division

Constituency #NameExtent
243 Brahmanbaria-1 Nasirnagar Upazila
244 Brahmanbaria-2 Ashuganj Upazila and Sarail Upazila
245 Brahmanbaria-3 Brahmanbaria Sadar Upazila Bijoynagar Upazila
246 Brahmanbaria-4 Akhaura Upazila and Kasba Upazila
247 Brahmanbaria-5 Nabinagar Upazila
248 Brahmanbaria-6 Bancharampur Upazila and part of Nabinagar Upazila
249 Comilla-1 Daudkandi Upazila and Meghna Upazila
250 Comilla-2 Homna
251 Comilla-3 Muradnagar Upazila
252 Comilla-4 Debidwar
253 Comilla-5 Brahmanpara Upazila and Burichang Upazila
254 Comilla-6 part of Comilla Sadar Upazila
255 Comilla-7 Chandina Upazila
256 Comilla-8 Barura Upazila
257 Comilla-9 Laksham
258 Comilla-10 part of Comilla Sadar Upazila and Nangalkot Upazila
259 Comilla-11 Chauddagram Upazila
260 Chandpur-1 Kachua Upazila
261 Chandpur-2 Matlab Uttar Upazila and Matlab Dakshin Upazila
262 Chandpur-3 Chandpur Sadar Upazila and Haimchar Upazila
263 Chandpur-4 Faridganj Upazila
264 Chandpur-5 Haziganj Upazila and Shahrasti Upazila
265 Feni-1 Parshuram Upazila, Chhagalnaiya Upazila and Fulgazi Upazila
266 Feni-2 Feni Sadar Upazila
267 Feni-3 Sonagazi Upazila and Daganbhuiyan Upazila
268 Noakhali-1
269 Noakhali-2
270 Noakhali-3
271 Noakhali-4
272 Noakhali-5
273 Noakhali-6 Hatiya Upazila
274 Lakshmipur-1 Ramganj Upazila
275 Lakshmipur-2
276 Lakshmipur-3
277 Lakshmipur-4
278 Chittagong-1 Mirsharai Upazila
279 Chittagong-2 Fatikchhari Upazila
280 Chittagong-3 Sandwip Upazila
281 Chittagong-4
282 Chittagong-5 Hathazari Upazila and part of Chittagong
283 Chittagong-6 Raozan Upazila
284 Chittagong-7
285 Chittagong-8 part of Boalkhali thana and part of Chittagong
286 Chittagong-9
287 Chittagong-10
288 Chittagong-11
289 Chittagong-12
290 Chittagong-13 Anwara Upazila and part of Patiya Upazila
291 Chittagong-14 Chandanaish Upazila and Satkania Upazila
292 Chittagong-15 Lohagara Upazila
293 Chittagong-16 Banshkhali Upazila
294 Cox's Bazar-1
295 Cox's Bazar-2 Kutubdia Upazila and Maheshkhali Upazila
296 Cox's Bazar-3 Cox's Bazar Sadar Upazila and Ramu Upazila
297 Cox's Bazar-4 Ukhia Upazila and Teknaf Upazila
298 Parbatya Khagrachari Khagrachari District
299 Parbatya Rangamati Rangamati District
300 Parbatya Bandarban Bandarban District


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10th parliament member list of Bangladesh.

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