List of cities and towns in Bangladesh

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According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, The administrative populated areas which have population of 100,000 or more than that can be defined as a city in Bangladesh. The administrative populated areas which have population less than 100,000 are classified as towns.[1] The following is a list of cities and towns in Bangladesh.

Large cities governed by City Corporations

Major cities of Bangladesh are governed by City Corporations.

File:Mymensingh City Skyline.jpg|Mymensingh

Cities governed by Pourashavas

These are other cities of Bangladesh which are governed by pourashavas or Municipal Corporations .

Bogra City
Tangail City
Rank City Area(km2) Population(2001) Population(2011) District
1. Bogra 26.86 266,930 Bogra
2. Mymensingh 31.60 258,040 Mymensingh
3. Jessore 14.72 201,796 Jessore
4. Dinajpur 22.00 186,727 Dinajpur
5. Nawabganj 24.60 180,731 Chapai Nawabganj
6. Brahmanbaria 172,017 Brahmanbaria
7. Tangail 35.22 167,412 Tangail
8. Feni 27.20 156,971 Feni
9. Sirajganj 28.49 156,080 Sirajganj
10. Pabna 144,442 Pabna
11. Jamalpur 53.28 142,764 Jamalpur
12. Faridpur 17.38 121,632 Faridpur
13. Cox's Bazar 32.90 120,480 Cox's Bazar
14. Noakhali 107,654 Noakhali
15. Kushtia 27.75 102,988 Kushtia


Towns governed by Pourashavas

These are the towns of Bangladesh which are governed by pourashavas or Municipal Corporations.

Division Number Towns
Barisal Division 10
Chittagong Division 24
Dhaka Division 22
Khulna Division 7
Mymensingh Division 9
Rajshahi Division 14
Rangpur Division 7
Sylhet Division 8


Dhaka is by far the largest urban area as well as the largest metropolitan area in Bangladesh. Chittagong is the second largest city and urban area in Bangladesh as well as second largest metropolitan in Bangladesh while Khulna is the third largest metropolitan in Bangladesh. Other major cities with a population of more than 300,000 include Narayanganj, Sylhet, Rajshahi,Rangpur,Bogra, Barisal and Comilla. The following table shows the largest populated area within a local government area.

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