North Dallas High School

North Dallas High School
To graduate well educated students who are independent learners, creative problem solvers, and productive citizens.[1]
3120 North Haskell Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75204
United States
Coordinates 32°48′38″N 96°47′41″W / 32.810525°N 96.794828°W / 32.810525; -96.794828Coordinates: 32°48′38″N 96°47′41″W / 32.810525°N 96.794828°W / 32.810525; -96.794828
Type Public, Secondary
School district Dallas Independent School District
Principal Blanca Patricia Rodriguez[1]
Faculty 108[1]
Grades 9-12
Number of students 1,257[2]
Color(s) Orange and White[1]
Mascot Bulldog[1]
Trustee dist.  2, Mike Morath[3]
Area   3, Emilio Castro[4]
Website Official Website

North Dallas High School is a public secondary school located in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas, Texas, (USA). North Dallas enrolls students in grades 9-12 and is a part of the Dallas Independent School District. As of 2010 the principal administrator is Dinnah Escanilla.

In 2015, the school was rated "Met Standard" by the Texas Education Agency.[5]


Built in 1922, North Dallas High School is one of the oldest standing high school buildings in the city of Dallas; Booker T. Washington High School was established in 1902 as the Dallas Colored High School, but its current building was constructed well afterward. By 1925, the school had developed sufficient community loyalty that a district decision to rename the school as Clinton P. Russell High School met with opposition from numerous locals, predominately mothers, who physically blocked the ladders of workmen attempting to make the change, leading the district to rescind its decision the following week.[6]

In the early 1990s the school size placed it athletically in the 5A sports until late 2000 it dropped to 4A to compete athletically.

Neighborhoods served by North Dallas

The school serves most of the Oak Lawn area, Maple Lawn, Uptown, Victory Park, Perry Heights, Turtle Creek, Cedar Springs, Bryan Place, Regent's Park on Gillespie Street,[7] and Cityplace. The school also serves a portion of downtown Dallas, Deep Ellum, Old East Dallas, and the Dallas ISD portion of Highland Park.[8]

Feeder patterns

The following elementary schools feed into North Dallas:

Rusk and Spence Middle Schools, both grades 7-8, feed into North Dallas High School.


In 2010 a mural depicting characters created by Tex Avery, an alumnus of the school, was painted into the walls of the school campus.[9] The Looney Tunes murals started being drawn and painted all down the middle hall of the first floor in the main school building in dedication of Tex Avery, creator of Daffy Duck and few other characters. There are multiple murals being painted along both walls in the hall way, each by a student or a small group of students who were either in an art class or had well-known talent in the school. The mural competition was reported in the Dallas Morning News paper, noting students Norma Cruz and Michael Diaz, while News 8 made a small article on these memorials to Tex Avery on February 22, the same day the murals were to be completed. The judging took place on February 24 and on February 26 was a celebration of Tex Avery's birthday of the same date. The winner of the competition was assigned to design the new Bulldog mascot for the school to be placed on shirts and more.


The North Dallas Bulldogs compete in the following sports:[10]

North Dallas has three varsity team sports that are consistently in the University Interscholastic League State Playoffs: Girls Volleyball, Boys Soccer and Girls Softball. The boys baseball team plays its home games at historic Reverchon Park in Dallas. The baseball team's playoff appearance in 2006 marked its first postseason appearance since 1973.


North Dallas High School also has a district winning Tennis team, (2011).


North Dallas High School also competes in Varsity Football. The up-and-coming program has a strong tradition with its community, alumni, parents and staff and is known for its, "never give up attitude."


North Dallas High School had a powerlifting team from 1997 to 2000. This team had several regional winners as well as state qualifiers and winners. It was closed due to budget cuts in 2000.


Students who graduate from North Dallas and excel in athletics have had scholarships to surrounding universities from the, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and other teams. Others students who excel on and off the field get scholarships to the respective colleges and universities from the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), and compete in a variety of Conferences in sports such as football, baseball, track.

Booster Club

North Dallas High School has a strong booster club from their alumni. Most notably from the class in the 50's through 60's. Alumni meetings are held often and discuss various topics about the school and its community. Fund raisers, bake sales, car shows, golf tournaments etc., are held often to raise funds that allow the school to buy letterman jackets for its students. It has been successful since the early 1950s.

Notable alumni


North Dallas High School previously served as the location of the Uptown Campus of Fellowship Church until a permanent facility was opened in June 2006.

The school was used in the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger, "Soul of Winter."

The school has a strong Young Life program.


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