Peter Baldwin (professor)

Peter Baldwin (born December 22, 1956)[1] is a professor of history at the New York University and a philanthropist. He was educated at Harvard and Yale. He has written several books about Europe.


A study of the state of trans-Atlantic relations between the United States and Europe from Oxford University Press was published in late 2009, entitled The Narcissism of Minor Differences: How America and Europe are Alike.[2] In 2014 he published The Copyright Wars: Three Centuries of Trans-Atlantic Battle.[3]


Baldwin and his wife Lisbet Rausing co-founded the Arcadia Fund and form its donor board.[4] By March 2013, the Fund had made grant commitments of over $234 million to preserve endangered culture and nature. As of December 2015, the Fund has made grant commitments of over $363 million to charities and scholarly institutions globally that preserve cultural heritage and the environment and promote open access.[5] Arcadia-funded projects include the Endangered Languages Documentation program at SOAS,[6] the Endangered Archive Program at the British Library[7] and Fauna & Flora International's Halcyon Land and Sea fund. Baldwin and Rausing are listed as one of the biggest benefactors to the Wikimedia Foundation.[8]



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