LGBT Foundation

LGBT Foundation (formerly known as The Lesbian & Gay Foundation) is a charity based in Manchester with a wide portfolio of services. With a history dating back nearly 40 years, it campaigns for a fair and equal society aimed at meeting the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people. It serves over 40,000 LGBT people a year and provides more direct services and resources to more LGBT people than any other charity of its kind in the UK.[1]

The charity is governed by a board of trustees from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide variety of skills and qualifications. The trustees are supported by a chief executive and two directors responsible for business development and organisational development.[2]


Formed in April 2015, LGBT Foundation was previously known as The Lesbian & Gay Foundation[3] (The LGF). The LGF was created in April 2000 as a result of the unification of two organisations - Healthy Gay Manchester (HGM) and Manchester Lesbian & Gay Switchboard Services (MLGSS).

Drawing upon experience gained from MeSMAC Manchester, HGM was formed in 1994 by Paul Martin OBE[4] (current Chief Executive of LGBT Foundation), and Gerard Gudgion with a clear aim to reduce the incidence of HIV infection through sex between men. Famed for its ground-breaking approach to safer sex campaigning, HGM was a pioneering gay men’s health organisation offering free condoms and lube, counselling, services, groups and volunteering opportunities such as condom packing evenings.

MLGSS begin life over 40 years ago on 2 January 1975 when six gay men got together to provide an information and support service for the growing number of gay men coming out following the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967. The line ran from 7-9pm each evening with calls being taken about a wide range of issues. Over the decades, the services broadened out to include counselling, group work and email support.

Currently, LGBT Foundation takes over 5000 calls per year and the service is delivered by staff and trained volunteers.

LGBT Foundation is the largest LGBT health and community services charity in the UK, offering a range of services including group work, counselling, sexual health outreach, free condoms and lube, printed resources and a helpline.[5]

LGBT Foundation participates in other LGBT groups' campaigns in the UK, and international issues as well.[6] LGBT Foundation co-operated with Manchester Pride for the organisation of its yearly "Pride" event. It provided medial partnership to Manchester Pride with its own magazine Out North West.[7]


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