B. S. Christiansen

B.S. Christiansen in 2014.

Bjarne Slot Christiansen (mostly known as B. S. Christiansen) (born September 27, 1952) is a former professional soldier from the Danish special force army unit Jægerkorpset, who is currently working with coaching and team building. His many television appearances and a popular book called Et liv på kanten (A Life on the Edge) have made him a celebrity in his home country.[1][2]

B.S. Christiansen is one of the few Danes who have completed the American Ranger course, he completed with his buddy Carsten Mørch who was "Distinguished Honor Graduate" Ranger School class '78.[1]

Among his most well known clients used to be the professional road bicycle racing team, Team Saxo Bank, for whom he organized a non-traditional training camp every year. Rather than focusing on bicycle racing, the camp focuses on team building.[3]


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