CR Belouizdad

CR Belouizdad
Full name Chabab Riadhi Belouizdad
الشباب الرياضي لبلوزداد
Nickname(s) Laakiba
Founded 5 July 1962 (1962-07-05)
as Chabab Riadhi Belcourt
Ground Stade 20 Août 1955
Ground Capacity 15,000
President Djamel Ghazli
Head Coach Fouad Bouali
League Ligue Professionnelle 1
2015–16 4th
Website Club home page

Chabab Riadhi Belouizdad (Arabic: الشباب الرياضي لبلوزداد; commonly referred to as CR Belouizdad or Chabab Belouizdad or simply Belouizdad) is a professional football club based in the Mohamed Belouizdad district, Algiers, that currently competes in the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1, the top flight of Algerian Football, and won its last title in the 2000–01 season. The club has competed in the top division for a record 53 seasons (playing just one season in the second tier).

The club was formed in 1962 as Chabab Riadhi de Belcourt, after the merger of two former clubs from the same district (the Widad Riadhi de Belcourt and the Club Athéltique de Belcourt).

The club is one of the most successful clubs in Algerian football, having won the domestic league title six times, the Algerian Cup six times, the Maghreb Champions Cup a record three times, one League Cup and one Super Cup.

In 2010, CR Belouizdad obtained professional status following a reform of the championship to professionalize the Algerian football. The club won his first title of champion of Algeria three years after its creation at the end of the 1964–1965 season.

The club's home ground is Stade 20 Août 1955, where they have played since their establishment, and its regular kit colours are white shirts and socks with red shorts.

CR Belouizdad have produced several notable players, mostly during its dynastic run in the 1960s and 1970s.


The footballer Hacène Lalmas that made the heyday of CR Belouizdad between seasons 1962–1963 and 1972–1973

The club was founded in 1962 (following the independence of Algeria). It was born out of a merger of two former clubs from the same district; 'Widad Riadhi Belcourt' (former club of the rue de Lyon) and the 'Athletic Club de Belcourt' . These two former clubs were known for playing football competitions in the French colonial era, and both were affiliated to the 'FFFA' (French Football Federation) and the 'FLOT' '(Algiers Ligue de Football Association).

1963–1972: The great Chabab

The CR BELOUIZDAD is a club that has done well in Algerian football from the beginning of its creation, particularly during the period between 1963 and 1972. This period saw Chabab break records so far unparalleled, beginning with winning 10 titles during 8 seasons. Players wore the famous red and white colours which were worn by the best players in Algeria or Africa and also constituted the pillars of the national team of Algeria. Among the players we cite as examples are Lalmas (who was chosen as the best Algerian player of all time after a survey conducted by the Echibek sports weekly in 1993 including votes from more than 350 technical people from Algerian coaches to players), Kalem, Achour, Selmi and not to mention all the others.

With Mr Boukida Djeloul as chairman, and under the leadership of Yahia Saâdi as coach, the goal of the first season in the championship (1962–63) was the adaptation of the team and group cohesion. In this season, the CRB was in the group of Bologhine and Bousmail and was content to win a place allowing it to participate in the centre of the championship.

Second period

This period for CRB had the attention and admiration of all belcourtois and the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods, to the point where everyone participated in the club to raise funds. This especially involved the big traders of the time; Boukida gentlemen, Bouhelal and Khemissa among others and whose contribution was considered wide and generous, in order to offer the club a means for its policy.

Third Period

After collecting the necessary funds, club leaders began the recruitment process. Targeted recruitment and quality resulting in the arrival of experienced and promising players such as (Zitouni, Paris Club), (Madani and Djemaâ USM Alger), (Zerar Hamam El-Enf, Tunisia), (Nassou and Amar Ain Beniane), (Koussim ES Setif), (Achour and Lalmas OM Ruisseau) and (Kalem IR Hussein-Dey). It is important to acknowledge the way and the work of the leaders of that time: the men in the noblest sense of the term and which were animated only by the love of the club and who sacrificed themselves for it so that it becomes not only a great club, but the biggest club Algeria.

At first, the results of the team were just average, with defeats against MC Oran (3–2), Batna (1–0), Constantine (1–0), Sidon (2–1) and MCA (2–1). The following season, in 1965–1966, CRB woke up and crushed everyone in its path. They made a spectacular comeback, moving from last place to first, after a good series of 9 consecutive victories starting with a victory against ASM Oran (0–1) during the 14th day and overwhelming wins (8–1), (8–0) and (4–1) respectively against MO Constantine on 20 August (halftime 0–1 for Constantine), Annaba and ES Mostaganem.

1965–1966: The phenomenal season CRB

Lined with Prime Algeria, Chabab collected victories this season (16 wins) with big scores (0–4) in Blida and Oran to the MCO and 5–2 before the NAHD with a percussive attack that also called the Machine Gun Attack and had, to their credit, 63 goals this season: (Lalmas 18 goals, Chanane 14, Kalem 13 and Achour 8), making 53 goals amongst themselves. The CRB also won their first cup of Algeria against RC Kouba (final score 3–1).

The 1966–1967 season was just average for Chabab and the 67–68 season was not any better than the last, despite the recruitment of Selmi Djilali. This small decline was due to unfortunate circumstances as 9 Chabab players participated with the national team who took part in the CAN 1968 tournament in Ethiopia. This saw the return of a team completely decimated and tired after a very long journey but also many injured players for CRB. Mistakes followed against ES Guelma in a late championship match. In two seasons CRB had nothing to put in their trophy cabinet.

Following the appointment of Ahmed Aaran as player-coach, Chabab started regaining form and began to win. In 1968–1969 season they obtained big key wins against NAHD (7–1 and 5–2).

1969–1970: The Triple

The CRB made their first hat-trick in the history of Algerian football and obtained their fourth championship. This was largely in range because it was the best season for CRB who had lost only one match; against MC Oran Oran (3–1) so the championship was won in rather special circumstances. Victories followed in the Algerian Cup final against USM Alger (4–1) and in the Maghreb Club Champions Cup against Sfax (Tunisia). Chabab had passed on entering the African Cup of Champions Clubs after threats of reprisal from Senegalese team Joan of Arc against the CRB following a memorable victory in the first leg at Chabab (5–3) in the Stade El-Annasser).


After four games in the championship with a draw and a win against MC Alger and a defeat against MC Oran and Algerian Cup defeat against CS Constantine on penalties (this ended 48–47 and is the official record Algeria, another one!), the CRB had to win the North African Cup to save their season. This resulted in a win against Tunisia (EST) 3–2 after a great final after crushing and Morocco's FAR in the previous round with a stinging 3–0.

This masterful victory was reported in the famous French sports newspaper the Team and the paper devoted a large space in one of their editions to Chabab Riadhi Belcourt.


It was the beginning of the end of a cycle, and after having started the championship with three great victories against WA Tlemcen (7–0) and JSM Tiaret (8–3) and USM Bel-Abbès (4–1) the team had no more breath and let go, at least on the national scene, as it was still successful in the Cup with a 3rd consecutive win for the Maghreb.


The Shabab failed to win titles between 1978 and 1995 despite the good results that made that the team after all the earlier years, ranking each time 2nd, 3rd or 4th until 1988 where the Chabab experienced the worst season in its history characterized by relegation to D2 and an Algerian Cup final loss against USMA on penalties. This was despite the rich who provided a workforce for CRB, and this team was regarded as the best championship team on paper with the Yahi, Amani, Badache, Laamouri, Khoudja, Kabrane, Abdesamia, Kouhil, Demdoum, etc. On the ground though, things were otherwise. Fortunately, and thanks again to the mobilisation of its true members, the ordeal lasted only a single season, as the club returned to the D1 the following year, in 1989.

But the event of relegation did not go without leaving deep scars in the heart of the CRB because Chabab considerably lost its fame to occupy a role in successive championships, even avoiding relegation repeatedly until 1994. In fact, during this year, the Shabab, led by Mourad Abdelouahab was classed as 4th in the championship with the main aim of qualification for the Arabic Cup in Saudi Arabia. It was therefore the following year (1995) that the CRB took part in this competition, where they recorded a respectable run to the semi-final where they were defeated against Espérance de Tunis 0–1.

In 1995, the CRB won the Algerian Cup for the fifth time in its history against the O Medea 2–1.

This was indeed the beginning of another golden age, with a new generation of young and talented players, who despite the change of office (departure and arrival of Lefkir Selmi) and staff by the return of Mourad replacing Abdelouahab of Bacha-Adjaout, a new team, described as an "Algerian dream-team", was born with Bekhti, Badji, Settara, Talis, Bounekdja, Selmi Yacine Chedba Ali Moussa, Boutaleb and others. This developed beautiful football for the CRB and every season new players were brought to the club to complete the tactical approach of the coach and achieve the objectives set by management. It is in this context that players like Mezouar and Boukessassa came to the club.

Players arrived during the 1999–2000 season, which saw Chabab win the title of Champion of Algeria for the 5th time in its history. This also included a victory in the league cup on 19 March 2000, against MC Oran (3–0).

The following season, and its momentum, Chabab not only confirms but does better with a title 2 row from 2000 to 2001 by capping JSK and USMA 7 days of the end of the championship. For the record, the Shabab had won 10 consecutive games with Nour Benzekri happened in the middle of the season.

The dark years

After this season, a real descent into hell began for Chabab starting a free fall due to the unreasonable policy of its new direction. Despite this and a real burst of pride, the CRB still managed to reach the finals of the 2003 Algerian Cup Final. This resulted in a loss due to a scandalous bias in favour of USM Alger by the referee of the meeting (Berber). To illustrate the lawlessness with which the club was run, 17 players from champions Algeria were released in 18 months: a true work of destruction. Given all this, everyone knew that Chabab went straight to ruin. Thus Chabab had their 2 most catastrophic seasons (after 1988), when the club narrowly escaped relegation to D2 twice; in (2003–2004 and 2004–2005). The 2005–2006 season was an average season, despite the backing of no less than 16 players.


National titles

Champions (6): 1965, 1966, 1969, 1970, 2000, 2001
Runners-up (4): 1967, 1972, 1977, 1980
Winners (6): 1966, 1969, 1970, 1978, 1995, 2009
Runners-up (3): 1988, 2003, 2012
Winners (1): 2000
Winners (1): 1995

International titles

Winners (3): 1970, 1971, 1972
Runners-up (1): 1973

Performance in CAF competitions

1970 – First Round
2001 – Group stage
2002 – First Round
2004 – First Round
2010 – Second Round of 16
1979 – Quarter-finals
1996 – Semi-finals

Current squad

As of 28 March 2016.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Algeria GK Khaled Boukacem
3 Algeria DF Zakaria Bencherifa
6 Cameroon MF Gilles Ngomo
8 Algeria FW Mohamed Derrag
10 Algeria MF Bouazza Feham
11 Algeria FW Adel Bougueroua
13 Algeria MF Nassim Bouchema
14 Algeria MF Zakaria Draoui
16 Algeria GK Mohamed Ramzy Abassi
17 Algeria DF Amir Bellaili
18 Algeria MF Aboubaker Rebih
19 Algeria DF Tarek Cheurfaoui
No. Position Player
21 Algeria MF Belkacem Niati
22 Algeria DF Karim Nemdil
23 Algeria DF Hakim Khoudi
24 Algeria MF Bilal Tarikat
25 Algeria FW Sid Ali Yahia-Chérif
26 Algeria DF Maamar Youcef
27 Algeria DF Abdellah Chebira
29 Benin FW Mohamed Aoudou
30 Algeria GK Abdelkader Salhi

Notable players

Below are the notable former players who have represented CR Belouizdad in league and international competition since the club's foundation in 1962. To appear in the section below, a player must have played in at least 100 official matches for the club or represented the national team for which the player is eligible during his stint with CR Belouizdad or following his departure.

For a complete list of CR Belouizdad players, see Category:CR Belouizdad players


  • Italy Giovanni Solinas (1 July 2011 – 22 November 2011)
  • Algeria Djamel Menad (23 November 2011 – 30 June 2012)
  • Italy Guglielmo Arena (1 July 2012 – 23 October 2012)
  • Algeria Fouad Bouali (3 November 2012 – 15 June 2013)
  • Argentina Miguel Angel Gamondi (20 June 2013 – 1 January 2014)
  • Algeria Abdelkader Yaïche (6 January 2014 – 23 February 2014)
  • Algeria Mohamed Henkouche (24 February 2014 – 1 June 2014)
  • France Victor Zvunka (9 June 2014–)

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