Ibesikpo Asutan

Ibesikpo Asutan
Ibesikpo Asutan

Location in Nigeria

Coordinates: 4°46′0″N 7°57′0″E / 4.76667°N 7.95000°E / 4.76667; 7.95000Coordinates: 4°46′0″N 7°57′0″E / 4.76667°N 7.95000°E / 4.76667; 7.95000
Country  Nigeria
State Akwa Ibom State
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Ibesikpo-Asutan is a Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, located in the south east of Nigeria .it is made up of two clans namely Ibesikpo and Asutan Clan. it has produced many prominent people,it's also the home of former Akwa Ibom State governor Architect Obong Victor Attah.

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