Location in Nigeria

Coordinates: 5°14′0″N 7°53′0″E / 5.23333°N 7.88333°E / 5.23333; 7.88333Coordinates: 5°14′0″N 7°53′0″E / 5.23333°N 7.88333°E / 5.23333; 7.88333
Country  Nigeria
State Akwa Ibom State
Capital Oko Ita
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Ibiono-Ibom is a Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State in the south-south region of Nigeria. It has its administrative headquarters at Oko Ita.


The territorial unit and geographical area called, addressed and known as Ibiono Ibom consists of 9 clans clans, 33 groups, and 193 villages. It covers a total land surface of 2761.76 sq. kilometers, with a total population of 385,145.

Cities and towns

Oko Ita is the local government headquarters of Ibiono-Ibom.

A few of many prominent towns include: Idoro, Ididep, Afaha Obio Eno, Ikot Usen, Utit Obio, and Afua, Use Ndon, Ikpanya.

Administrative areas

Ibiono Ibom is divided into 9 Clans:

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Afaha Clan
Ibiaku Clan
Ididep Clan
Idoro Clan
Ikpanya Clan
Mbiabong Clan
Ntan Clan
Use Clan
Utit Obio Clan


The people of Ibiono Ibom arrived in what is now Nigeria between 1200-1500 BC.

The region of the local government was created out of Itu Local government Area in December 1996.


Politics in Ibiono Ibom is dominated by the people from the central part of Ibiono, with the highly endorse political party being PDP (Peoples Democratic Party)


The people are predominantly of the Christian faith.

The main ethnic group of the LGA are the Ibibio people, who speak a dialect of the Ibibio language. The Ibibio language belongs to the Benue–Congo language family, which forms part of the Niger–Congo group of languages.

Despite the homogeneity of the Ibibio, no central government existed among the people of the present day Ibiono-Ibom LGA prior to the colonial British invasion in 1904.

When Ibiono Ibom LGA was created in 1996, Oko Ita was chosen as the local government headquarters to spread development to all regions of the LGA.


The current region of Ibiono Ibom in old Itu LGA were the first set of people to encounter Western education in Akwa Ibom State with the establishment of Mary Slessor secondary school,1950 and other top flight schools such as the Ididep Science College (formerly Teachers' Training College, Ididep). Currently various institutions for post primary education have sprung up and spread across the local government.

Some Educational Institutes in the local government include:

Prominent people from Ibiono Ibom

Some prominent people of Akwa Ibom State and in Nigeria are from Ibiono Ibom LGA. They include:

Ita Solomon Enang was born on 23 August 1962. He attended the Presbyterian Teachers Training College, Ididep, Akwa Ibom State (1974-1979). He was admitted to the University of Calabar, Calabar in 1980 where he read Law, graduating in 1984. He went on to the Nigerian Law School, Lagos and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1985. He then entered private practice with his own law firm.[


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