Ini, Nigeria


Location in Nigeria

Coordinates: 5°24′0″N 7°44′0″E / 5.40000°N 7.73333°E / 5.40000; 7.73333
Country  Nigeria
State Akwa Ibom State
Capital Uyo
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Ini is located in the south south of Nigeria and is a Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

Location: Ini Local Government Area was carved out of the former Ikono Local Government Area and is bounded by Ikono, Obot Akara Local Government Areas of the State, and Abia State. It has a landmass of 320,451 square kilometres.

Representative: Hon.

People The people of Ini Local Government Area are of the Ibibio stock, and Ibibio, Itu, Nkari languages are spoken.


Males 52,644 and Females=46, 552 and TOTAL: 99,196


Natural Resorces Limestones, clay, gravel, fine sand, crude oil and iron ore. The forest region provides timber and firewood.

Commerce Because of the land expanse of the area, the people are predominantly farmers, producing such food items as rice, palm produce, cassava, cocoa, plantain, banana, etc.

As the nickname indicates - food basket of Akwa Ibom State - there are good potential for agricultural expansion. Activities by hunters are appreciably noticed. Ini Local Government are made up of mostly Itu and Nkari community. The Nkari community consist of 10 Villages. TRADITIONAL RULERS

Youth groups:Nkan Imbarawa, Obbrong groups,etc

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