German New Zealanders

German New Zealanders
Total population
12,810 (2013)[1])
Regions with significant populations
Auckland, Kirke, Wellington
New Zealand English, German
Predominantly Lutheranism and Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Germans, German Australians, German Americans, German Canadians, French Germans

German New Zealanders (German: Deutsch-Neuseeländer) are New Zealand citizens of ethnic German ancestry. The German community constitute one of the largest European ethnic groups in New Zealand, numbering 12,810 in the 2013 Census.


The 2013 Census counted 12,810 New Zealand residents who had ancestry from Germany.[1] This number does not include people of German ancestry who selected their ancestry as simply "New Zealander". Today the number of New Zealanders with German ancestry is estimated to be approximately 200,000 (5% of the population). Many German New Zealanders anglicized their names during the 20th century due to the negative perception of Germans fostered by World War I and World War II.

In 2013, the German language was spoken at home by 36,642 persons in New Zealand. German is the ninth most widely spoken language in the country after English, Māori, Samoan, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, French, Cantonese, and Chinese (not further defined).


New Zealand has long been a popular destination for German backpacker tourists and students.

German New Zealand culture

The Goethe-Institut is active in New Zealand and there is a branch in Wellington.[2]

Notable German New Zealanders

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