Regat Germans

Regat Germans or Old Kingdom Germans (German: Regatsdeutsche or Altreichsdeutsche) are an ethnic German group of the eastern and southern parts of Romania. The Regat is land that was part of Romania before the First World War. This territory includes Moldavia, Dobruja, Muntenia, and Oltenia.

The Regat Germans, like all other German groups in Romania, are represented in politics by the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (DFDR).

Population transfers to Nazi Germany

As part of the Nazi-Soviet population transfers and the Heim ins Reich ("Home into the Empire"), Nazi Germany called ethnic Germans abroad to settle the former Polish territories. 77,000 Regat Germans were thus resettled in 1940.[1]

Ethnic Germans from Romania Resettled by Nazi Germany 1939-1944[2]

To Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany To General Government/Poland To Oder-Neisse region To Austria Total
128,000 12,000 52,000 20,000 212,000
German map showing transfers of Volksdeutsche during "Heim ins Reich" action.
Settlement/resettlement figures on 1 June 1944 [3]
Territory of origin Total Re-settled in annexed eastern territories
Bessarabia 93,342 89,201
Northern Bukovina 43,670 24,203
Southern Bukovina 52,149 40,804
Dobruja 15,454 11,812
Romania, Regat 10,115 1,129

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