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A German Salvadoran is a Salvadoran descendant of German citizens who have adopted the two nationalities. German Salvadorans are a small ethnic minority, there are few speakers of German, a large majority adopted the Spanish as well as within the white Salvadoran 90% are descendants of Spaniards. That does not mean that the country does not have important relations with Germany.


One of the most famous germans who immigraged to El Salvador, was Walter Thilo Deininger, in Cuzcatlan to 1885. Whoever soon built his coffee estate and other industries. Besides a confraternity called (La cofradía de Don Balta), the neighbors were saying, the character of Walter was phlegmatic and good-natured. Soon arrived more German families to Cuscatlán Department, El Salvador, as well as important people like Jürgen Hübner-a German historian and author of "Die Deutschen und El Salvador (The Germans and El Salvador). In the early twentieth century between 10 and 15 families immigrated, although the majority later left the country due to political problems.[1]

Relations between El Salvador and Germany

Germany is one of the main European trading partner of El Salvador and is the largest importer of Salvadoran coffee. The Chamber of Commerce German-Salvadoran consists of around 85 companies. the Central American integration process was Germany on June 27, 2008 extra-regional observer of the Central American Integration SICA located in San Salvador. In addition to a German school in San Salvador.[2]


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