Germans in the Czech Republic

German citizens in the Czech Republic as of December 31
Source: [1][2][3]

There are various communities of Germans in the Czech Republic (Czech: Německá menšina v Česku, German: Deutsche in Tschechien). In the 2001 census, 39,106 Czech citizens, or around 0.4% of the Czech Republic's total population, declared German ethnicity.[4] Government statistics also showed 19,687 German citizens living in the CR as of December 31, 2014.[3]

After the Czech Republic joined the European Union in the 2004 enlargement and was incorporated into the Schengen Area, migration between the two countries became relatively unrestricted. Both countries share a land border of 815 kilometers (506 mi).[5]


Deutsche Schule Prag

The Deutsche Schule Prag is a German international school in Prague.



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